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From: bob gillis <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Burial Tag
Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2006 08:11:53 -0500
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Thnak you Dennis for a clear explanation.

bob gillis

Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:

> On or about 1/2/2006 11:50 AM a carrier pigeon from bob gillis delivered:
>> In Ver 4 or perhaps 5, based on input from the bata testers, it was
>> moved to its own group. I don't ever
>> remember seeing a good explanation as to why.
> Every program I've seen considered four events as "core":
> birth, marriage, death, and burial (the infamous BMDB). Other events
> were just sugar on top of the basic.
> Splitting death and burial permits one of each to be primary,
> making a report/export of this core data much easier -- how would one
> select which records to extract if only one could be flagged primary
> but you need one of each for meeting some submittal standard?

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