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From: Dennis Bright <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Wish List: Sorting Tags
Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2006 19:42:10 -0800
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What if the ability to change the Date/Sort Date toggle was removed from
Preferences and put in a button in the toolbar? Normal position would be
Date, depressed would be Sort Date. One click and you have sort dates,
another click and you are back to your normal dates.


Dennis L. Bright

Robin Lamacraft wrote:

> At 22:05 2/02/2006 +0000, Chris wrote:
>> bob gillis wrote:
>>> What happens in the PV and a report when I have an undated Burial
>>> Tag? I want the Burial Tag to sort after the death date both on the
>>> PV and in a report?
>> Bob,
>> If you have an undated burial tag, you must presently be adding a
>> sort date to it to get it in the right place. What I am suggesting is
>> instead of opening the tag and entering an appropriate sort date, you
>> would just move the tag up or down with an "Up/Down" arrow.
>> Chris
> Chris,
> I can see a way to achieve the effect of what you want with "Up/Down"
> move buttons.
> Highlight a tag, right click > "Reposition in Detail View"
> On this Reposition in Details screen, there are 4 buttons and a 3 line
> display.
> The buttons are [Up], [Down], [Accept] and [Cancel].
> The 3 line display is the DV with both the sort date and the event
> date visible at the same time. The highlighted event in the middle
> line, the prior event on the first line and the next event on the
> third line. Pressing [Up] or [Down] shows the new position of the
> highlighted event relative the new events above and below it.
> On [Accept], the SORT date of the highlighted event will be set to one
> day after the date of the event in the first line (if it exists and is
> regular dated), or failing that the SORT date is set to one day before
> the last line (if it exists and is regular dated).
> Some tags cannot be re-ordered by this mechanism because there are a
> lot of undated tags. Secondly, as is to be expected the addition of
> new events or the changing of event dates may disturb the display.
> This proposal is just an alternative way of setting sort dates that
> doesn't need a lot of tags opening and closing to see the values
> involved.
> Robin Lamacraft (Adelaide, Australia)
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