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From: "John Liddle" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Settlement difference between admin and exec.
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 09:10:15 -0000
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no you cannot make that assumption. See my earlier post, which I reproduce


John Liddle
Backwell, North Somerset UK - "Where the cider apples grow"

"Hi Teresa,

as a variation on this theme, although my Mother had named her brother as
executor in her will, by the time she died, she had fallen out with him and
did not want him "poking about in her affairs".

Knowing of her anxiety about this, I took the decision to ask for letters of
administration for her estate and with her brother's consent (he had to sign
an undertaking not to "meddle or intermeddle" in the estate - a lovely
phrase I thought), these were granted and I dealt with the matter - so it is
not always clear cut!"

> Okay, so I am sure I am setting the tags up correctly. IF I find "Letters
> of Administration" I can assume that the person died intestate? Even if
> the
> Letters don't state that specifically?
> I had one ancestor who deeded his land at his death, so I was surprised to
> find an administration of his estate, but I guess his widow had to be
> cared
> for and that is why. Interesting reading if nothing else.
> Teresa Ghee Elliott-IBSSG

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