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From: Robin Lamacraft <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] HELP!!!! Conversion error #6
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2006 17:21:42 +1030
In-Reply-To: <>

At 00:36 5/03/2006 -0500, Alice wrote:

>WhollyGenes has muttered about my installed printers. On my laptop I do
>not have a printer. On my desktop I do have a printer. The problem
>exists on both, though I have no idea why a printer is even involved. I
>am trying to create a file, not print anything.


A few points:
1) Clearly, what you are experiencing is to do with the way your computers
are configured and/or it is an interference between other applications and
TMG on those machines. Yours is a very uncommon problem.

2) A "printer" is involved in the report generation process - when they say
a "printer" they mean that a "printer driver" has been installed on that
computer (on XP under "Printers and Faxes") - not necessarily that a
physical printer is attached to the computer. The "printer driver" provides
the Page Properties (size, orientation and printable region) needed to
create the output file. So at minimum you *need* a printer driver installed
for a printer that could print a Letter or A4 page (even the "Wholly Genes
PDFwriter" is sufficient as the Windows default printer on the laptop to
make things work - HINT if you use this method you may find that repeated
use may overwrite the previous PDF file - if you care about the prior file,
you may have to rename it before you create another output!).

3) If you cannot view any report output on the "screen" (say a "statistical
report") then you have an installation problem. If you can see "output to
screen" but not some other types of output (word-processor, CSV, PDF) then
that means that the problem is located within another module. Can you
output the List of People to "screen" or to a "comma-separated text file"?
You need to narrow the problem down to what kind of output you can and
can't output (destination/file type) from a range of reports that you can
and can't get output from.

4) Are you using TMG on XP from a normal user account (login) or from one
the "admin" rights? Is your Window default "printer driver" available to
normal users?

BTW: I presume that you have tried a clean install of the latest version
(v6.07) as one of the pathways that you have tried. Please say which
version on which OS you are using as a definitive test - using XP Home or
XP Pro will give you the most other "experts" for comparison.

Robin R. Lamacraft ()
Coordinator of the Southern Adelaide TMG Users Group

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