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Subject: Genbridge from UFT
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2006 22:41:07 -0500

Hi everyone. I just bought the 6.07 version of TMG. I am a UFT user, and
tried to import via genbridge. I can't seem to find my sourses. I
see them in
UFt, but I don't see them in TMG. (I have done a master sourse list and they
are not there; some are but not all of them)The info on importing UFT to TMG
on line is from UFT to TMG 4.0. So most of the info doesn't apply because now
you just pick the import from and it goes for it.

Anyway, if anyone can walk me thru what to check on the genbridge from UFT so
that my sourses go to sourses not memo's (I think that is where they have
gone) I sure would appreciate it. I don't want to start working on
TMG until I
get it all transferred over correctly and I am waiting on the cd and manual so
no info to check with. I downloaded with the purchase, but a week later and
they still haven't shipped my cd and manual. Available free time is
limited and
I just lost a whole week and haven't started to work on it yet because of the
sourses not being correct.

Thanks all

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