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From: "Joanne Skelton" <>
Subject: Two kinds of timelines
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 06:57:33 -0800

It appears to me that the term timeline is used in two ways.

1. In the user's guide for TMG, the glossary defines timeline as: An
external database containing events of a historical nature.

2. In the Heritage Quest magazine, Fall 2005 issue, there is an article by
Donna Potter Phillips on page 56 entitled, Getting Started: Timelines:
Summarizing Your Ancestors Life. She states that assembling a timeline for
an ancestor is going back over all the facts known about that ancestor and
putting them in chronological order. In two different classes I took in
2003, the teachers stated that a TimeLine was a group of events of an
individual arranged in chronological order. They recommended that we prepare
this kind of timetime for each ancestor, or at least any problem ancestor.
Then we use it to analyze all our data and missing data about that person.
For foremat, they suggested using a table in a word processor or a

It seems to me that the Person View in TMG arranges our information for us.
So if I want a printed report to use for study, would the Individual Detail
report be the best one to use as this second type of timeline?

Joanne Skelton
Cottage Grove, Oregon

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