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Subject: UFT to TMG
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 17:43:46 EST

Hi, I read the info on importing on VA Roots web site. Did as it said, but I
have been practicing many times importing via gedbridge okay. But this last
time, I had many errors.
Not enough memory, error 41 and Memo file missing. So I could not import
again with suggests on VA Roots web site.

Don't know why this happened, but before it happened, it was not saving
anything I entered. I entered 4 x's a death and info and memo's and everytime I
closed the individual and went back it was not saved. That was my lst sign
that something was wrong. So I finally started using the save button on the menu
bar. It finally saved one. But I can't import anything now because UFT is
acting up with all these errors.

In the meantime, I had imported many times practicing via gedbridge reading
the Roots web site.. So I have 2 TMG imports I kept prior to this thing
happening in UFT. The two imports, show sourses when I do a list (844). Citations
25? seems small to me in this catagory,
repositories 477.

How do I find out what they are linked to? Is there a way? As when I open
up an indivudual, and look in the sourse box nothing is checked. But it says
in the master sourse list that they all imported?

Can anyone help me with this one. I guess if I can attach the sourses to the
individuals, in the two TMG genbridge imports, I might have one I can work
with. If I can't, why are the sourses there and not attached to anything?

Also, is there an article on after you import from UFT, what steps to take to
clean up the data transfer in TMG? I see people are creating a flag to show
which ones have been cleaned, but I don't know what they are cleaning or
fixing in each individual?

Thanks for all your help. I know alot of you transferred over from UFT, and
that message board was great. So glad you are all still on this message board
along with the long time TMG folks.

Sandy Paris

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