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From: "Joan Thomas" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Sentence not changing
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 17:35:44 -0800
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I'm still learning! And I am doubly confused because:

1. I added a word to the generic sentence on the wife's marriage tag.
2. This added word was also reflected in the generic sentence for the
3. I removed the added word from the wife's generic sentence. It returned
to the default sentence.
4. The husband's generic sentence also returned to the default.
5. A narrative for the wife continued to show the added word.
6. A narrative for the husband used the desired default sentence. (without
the added word)
7. As just explained to me, this word added to the generic sentence was
also added to the unseen 'role' sentence. Apparently only for the wife.
8. When I opened the 'role' sentences, only the wife's still contained the
added word.

Now, why was the husbands generic sentence affected by the wife's generic
sentence, but not the 'role' sentence? It's kind of scary to think that
there are unseen changes being made without one's knowledge or consent. If
the 'role' sentences are the ones to be used, then why do we have the
ability to change the generic sentence?

Guess I'm dense! But thank you for explaining where the problem was.


> Yes... you changed only the sentence for the husband, and left the
> sentence for the wife unchanged. <g>
> Open the Tag, then click the Sentence button to open the Sentence
> Structures screen. Notice at the top, a field labeled "Role" - when a
> tag has two principals, there will be two roles listed. The upper one
> is for the person entered as P1 in the tag, and the second is for the
> person entered as P2.
> Select the role for the person you want to change, and that person's
> sentence will appear in field below for you to edit. If you want to
> change the sentences for both principals, you need to edit them both.
> (No, it didn't used to work that way when you used the default
> "Principal" role - you used to only have one sentence available. This
> was changed a couple of upgrades ago.)
> Terry Reigel
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