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From: David Ball <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Relationships
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 17:45:14 -0800
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There are two different items here. First a relationship, association,
partnership, or perhaps "marriage" between two people that happen to be of
the same sex (we permit that sort of thing here in Canada <g>). Whether you
try to modify a marriage tag or use something like an partner tag, the
bottom line is driven by the information that you want to print in a report.
I would use the partner tag (because I don't know if the marriage tag has
any problems with same sex relationships) and craft the sentence to fit the
information on the ceremony, etc.

Second is a biological child, which is somewhat more straightforward. TMG
records a child to its biological mother without a known father
straightforwardly. A comment can be put into the tag's memo or into the
citation to record the artificial insemination without knowledge of the
father (unless he is known, of course). The other "mother" does not have a
biological relationship, but can be shown as a witness or in a role that
reflects her stated relationship (guardian, adoptive parent, etc.).

To me these are "one off" situations that can be crafted within existing
tags by changing the sentence to tell the tale you wish to tell AND the
types of reports you expect to use that would include this story. For
example, for a journal report, other than the biological connection between
mother and child, the whole story can be told in an anecdote tag. You write
what you want to show in the report and put it into the anecdote memo space.

It is a situation that is worth spending some time crafting the text to
clearly describe the events, but very little fuss in TMG to enter that text.


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> I have a couple , women, in a committed relationship. They had a ceremony
> attended by family. They now have a biological son (artificial
> insemination).
> How do I show these relatinships. Obviously there is no "father" but they
> consider themselves as two parents (he has two mothers) Life used to be
> simple.
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