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Subject: UFT to TMG
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 21:11:53 EST

In a message dated 3/11/2006 4:53:14 AM Eastern Standard Time,

Thank you for all suggestions::::::::!!!!!!!
Are you sure you are looking at individuals and events that had source
attached in UFT?
I checked my UFT project. In the evidence column on the person view screen,
they are "X" and when I open them I can follow them to the sources in UFT with
individual notations in the indivudual text on the source. I printed out a
FGS with sources and they all print as the footnotes with numbers next to the

Try a List of Citations Report for a few of your sources and see if
are attached or not. First not the source numbers in the Master
Source List
for some of the sources and then:

I tried, nothing is attached in TMG to the sourse numbers, but they do show
up in the master source list in TMG with numbers to match the source numbers
imported from UFT.

Are you saying that your UFT project files are not longer available? UFT
itself does not have to be available and working. Do you have a backup of
your UFT files?

Well, here is the pc cashed, I had to send it back in to get
the screen replaced (back light went out). Before I sent it in, I had a pc
friend copy my files and we did not do a back up of UFT, only copied the files
and project to a CD. So now I went in and tried to reinstall the "pro" on UFT
program when I received my pc back. It went in. Everything looks okay, but
it doesn't always save it back to UFT because it was a copy or something. I
finally was able to open it off the back up cd. "Pro" and then it didn't save
it in UFT project file, but because it shows the last project worked on in the
file menu, I am able to click on that to open the project. But it doesn't
show up in the "Open" project box.

So now I tried to reimport with some of the suggestions from the board on
different advanced wizard choices, and UFT crashes when I try to do a back up,
sqz etc., gives me a 41 error, not enough memory, memo missing. I have windows
xp with plenty of memory I cant seem to reimport it to TMG. I go to TMG, to
import, follow all the prompts and it crashes and doesn't install with lots of
error messages in TMG.

I downloaded my TMG 6v and I think something is wrong with the program TMG?
Everytime I open it up, it goes right to the file and I pick a project I
imported. But the last time, it went to the window screen that I have never seen
before and asked me to pick one of the 5? boxes. Just a different way, but it
never opened that way before.

I thought about deleting the TMG and reinstalling it, the cd came. But then
I will lose the project I have imported, even tho it doesn't have sources
attached, it is better to correct those 840 sources than re enter all 4,000 people.

HELP PLEASE, I do want to get going on my genealogy again. Until I get the
program wiith my import I can't enter any data or clean things up. I am off
work until April and these days are long playing with this problem trying to
solve it.

Thanks to everyone, I appreciate any suggestions...
Sandy Paris

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