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From: "Jill Morelli" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] unwanted carriage return
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 06:52:41 -0800
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I found so many of these when I first tried Second Site, that I now
occasionally run the Individual Narrative report to find where there were
errant carriage returns that were inserted by myself. I do not have them
all cleaned up but certainly do for my primary line. They were all inserted
by myself inadvertently but are easy, once identified, to remove.


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From: Joan Thomas [mailto:]
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2006 10:59 PM
Subject: Re: [TMG] unwanted carriage return

My line of text that had the possible carriage return filled the entire
line, ending with a month and day followed by a comma and what appears to be
one space. The next line shows the year. In order to see if there was a
carriage return I had to remove one word from the first line of text and see
what happened to the year.... if it moved up to the previous line then no
carriage return. If it stayed put (on the second line) it was evident that
there had been a carriage return. I'm sorry I brought this up at all, but
the fact is both conditions look identical. The implication that it should
have been obvious I'm sure was meant to be helpful, but it only made me feel
extremely stupid.


> Joan Thomas wrote:
> >Well, Lee, I obviously don't get it. Maybe my old brain is too drained.
> >consider a hidden "code", one that does not show in the field that I am
> >writing. If when I print out a CD it is showing a line of text separated
> >if there had been a carriage return, but that is not what I see in the CD
> >detail box, how am I to know that there is some instruction there for a
> >carriage return? I had used this same CD 122 times, so it was no small
> >to look at every CD and not be able to determine where the problem was.
> >guess I'm very dense, but 'something' was telling the program to do
> >something that wasn't visible to me. If that is not 'hidden'... what
> >be?
> >
> >Joan
> Let me ask if you hit enter after the last
> question mark above? Did you hit it
> twice? Those are carriage returns. Are they
> hidden? Well, I agree there is nothing to show
> they are there except the spacing between the "?"
> and your signature. So in that sense, yes, it is
> hidden. But so is every carriage return produced
> by hitting the [Enter] key. TMG does provide a
> printer code, viz, [:CR:], that produces a
> carriage return in reports when used. Are you
> saying that TMG should not recognize the [Enter]
> key as a carriage return? An awful lot of users
> would disagree with you on that.
> As for finding a carriage return, yes, it
> probably would not be simple. But, in the
> situation that you mentioned, you would determine
> the Tag to which the Source Citation was attached
> and then it would be easy. You would open the
> Source Citation window for that Source, place the
> cursor at the end of the text in the Citation
> Detail field. If hitting the right-arrow [->]
> key allows the cursor to move along the same
> line, then there a space had been entered. If
> that right-arrow key or subsequent hitting of the
> key causes the cursor to move to the beginning of
> the next line then a carriage-return had been entered previously.
> Of course, when placing the cursor in the
> Citation Detail field, if the cursor can be
> placed on the line following the text, that is
> also evidence that a carriage-return had been entered previously.
> Of course, if you want TMG to have some display
> indicating a carriage-return similar to word
> processors, viz, ΒΆ, then you need to ask Wholly
> Genes to add that feature in a future version.
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