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From: Alice Campbell <>
Subject: Re: Restriction on \The Master Genealogist Depth Level (Was Re: [TMG]HELP!!!! Conversion error #6)
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 22:03:19 -0500

>One: applications should be under c:\program files (but see comment
>Two: application data should be under "my documents" or the "Documents
and Settings" area for the user.

When using Windows XP putting program files in \Program Files in not a
necessity, only a suggestion. Putting Data in \My Documents is likewise
not a necessity, only a suggestion. The directory structure of XP is
flexible enough for anyone to organize programs and data to their own

There IS a restriction within a module of TMG which does not allow the
file \wordproc\ to be read if the file is at a depth of 8 (or
greater I presume, though I did not check). TMG is quite able to create
a file which is at level 10 during the reporting process. It was doing
this admirably the whole time.

BTW, this path name\filename is NOT hitting the wall with the number of
characters. It was only 108 characters long, well below the upper limit.

This does NOT represent a major flaw in the design of TMG. I think it
probably represents an oversight made when changing from DOS to
Windows. I'm sure no one at WhollyGenes was aware of it or the
restriction would have been documented. I suspect it would be much
cheaper for WhollyGenes to repair the software in the next update rather
than to reprint all the documentation, but that is Bob Velke's decision,
not ours. It is obvious that one or the other should be done.

>Be glad TMG works with spaces in file names -- lots of applications
(designed to be portable across various operating systems) won't work
with spaces in file paths... So >can't even store data under
"whatever\My Documents"

I personally appreciate the use of spaces in file & directory names, as
I appreciate the use of a hierarchical directory system. However, I
have no problem with using an otherwise good program which does not
allow either of those things. What I do have a problem with is a piece
of software which does not warn you that it has restrictions.

I have been wrestling with this problem for 6 to 8 months. I haven't
been able to get any file reports except ASCII ones in all that time. I
have emailed the problem to TMG several times with no result. I have
called and talked with their support team several times, with no
results. Each time, if I wasn't just put on the back burner and
forgotten, I was told my computer had a serious problem. About 6 weeks
ago I decided this just had to be resolved and fortunately I got hold of
Phil with the support team and the problem was indeed finally solved.

Had I known of this restriction before installing TMG, I would never
have had the problem at all. It's just that simple.

I'm not complaining about TMG. I'm saying TMG finally found the cause
of the problem and now I am able to get reports. If I did not believe
that TMG is the best program on the market, I never would have spent the
time and effort on solving this problem. I would simply have used
another program.

So now I can spend my time doing genealogy instead of debugging TMG
software (and defending the integrity of my machines and Symantec's
software! :-) ). It has been a long, drawn out, frustration experience
that should never have happened in the first place, and I sincerely hope
it will not happen to anyone else.


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