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From: Stuart Armstrong <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] OT: Photo software
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 08:19:40 -0700
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Maybe not the best approach but I use four programs. For the image
browser and organizer I like ULEAD's program that comes free with
Microtech scanners (which I also like). From within the browser I can
either use some of the browser's own editing functions (some of which
are useful) or edit with one of 3 external programs, one of which can
be programmed to a toolbar button. ULEAD also has a nice viewer.

The default editor I have chosen is Pixia. It has some very capable
tools and is good for touchups and color corrections. It is free but
has one drawback -- there is no help file, so using it is somewhat of
a discovery process.

The second editor is Irfanview, which I use only for cropping, because
unique among editors it displays the aspect ratio. I find this handy
when cropping because I can adjust the ratio to fit standard frame
sizes: such as 0.8 for 8x10 or 0.714 for 5x7 or 0.667 for 4x6 inch
frames. For portraits to link to TMG persons I usually standardize on
the 5x7 ratio, and leave plenty or room on the top and bottom in case
I want to enlarge it and force (re-crop) it into an 8x10 frame later.

And the third editor is Photoshop CS, the only one that cost bucks,
which I am slowly learning to use. For serious editing and problem
photos this can't be beat, but in many cases I prefer to use one of
the other simpler programs for lesser adjustments.

There is no one program that meets all my needs or is friendly in all
functions. That is why I have chosen the suite-of-editors approach.

Unfortunately, the ULEAD comments, which can be attached to each
image, are lost when you move the image to another folder. Go figure.

For stitching maps together I'm using PanaVue ImageAssembler.

Saturday, March 18, 2006, 10:06:00 AM, you wrote:

> I'm looking for some software that can help me easliy edit photos but more
> importantly be able to store some notes with the photo (i.e. who it is, who
> I received it from, when I received it, etc.). Do any of you have any
> recommendations? I'd really also prefer not to spend an arm and a leg for
> it.

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