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From: "Bill Teschek" <>
Subject: Selecting places from the picklist when adding to tag info
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 19:58:52 -0500

I must be missing something when it comes to the procedure of adding
a place to a tag. For example, I have a marriage record that only
gives the county where it took place, so I put the cursor in the
county field and press F2 to see if I already have the place in my
database. I do, but there are two of them, and neither show whether
or not there is a city attached to that place. So I opened the MPL
and In this particular case, one did have a city and one was just the
county and state. If I select the latter I get what I want, but if I
select the former it does a strange thing. It only fills in the
county and state, leaving out the city that is attached to that place
record, so if I save the record with that place in it I now have TWO
places in my master place list that are just county and state. As I
said, I must be missing something because this seems like an
incredibly bad bit of programming. How do I get the picklist to
display ALL of the levels when doing an F2 search? Hopefully this is
just a stupid question.

Bill Teschek

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