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From: "Bill Teschek" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Selecting places from the picklist when adding to tag info
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 10:50:31 -0500
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In-Reply-To: <200632291829.293983@Terry3>

Okay, that at least makes some sense, although I still think there
has to be a better way. I'd really like to be able to see the full
MPL when I press F2, sorted by the level from which I pressed F2, but
listing each specific place rather than lumping them together the way
it does. As you say below, if you have two places that are identical
in the L1 through L10 fields, but differ in the short name or date
fields, there is no way to select which one you want from the
picklist. If you've got a database with some good, full records with
dates and comments, and some that are otherwise identical but haven't
been upgraded to full records (perhaps they were imported from
another source) then you have no way to pick between the two. Is
there any hope of a future enhancement to rectify this problem? How
about when clicking on a place with more than one in the frequency
column it brings up a second picklist with the full information on
each, including short name, dates and comments?

Bill Teschek

On 22 Mar 2006 Terry Reigel wrote:

> On Wed, 22 Mar 2006 07:06:09 -0500, Bill Teschek wrote:
> > On 21 Mar 2006 Terry Reigel wrote:
> >
> >> Yes... So what's the problem? If you don't know the
> >> city, and only want the county, you put the cursor in
> >> the county field and press F2. That gives you the
> >> county and higher ranking fields. What am I missing?
> >
> > On the F2 picklist, there can be several options that
> > include that county, some that will include cities and
> > perhaps one that will have just the county. They can be
> > different in the lower ranking fields but there is no way
> > to tell from looking at the picklist.
> No, that's not how that list works. It is not just a list of places in
> the Master Place List. Rather, it is a list of unique places,
> involving only places at your starting level and higher, complied from
> all places in the MPL. For example:
> - You have four cities, with the same county and state in the MPL, one
> for that county & state alone, and no other entries for that county.
> - Your starting level is county when you press F2
> - You will see one listing for the county & state. The number in the
> "Freq" column will be 5, telling how many places include that
> county/state combination.
> When you select that item on the list, you are not selecting any
> particular place from the MPL. Rather, you are just filling in the
> county and state fields in the Tag Entry Screen. At this point, there
> is no connection with the places in the MPL. All the F2 process does
> is enter text in the various fields.
> Only when you close the tag does TMG compare the total place entry in
> the tag (including any lower level places you might have entered, and
> and further edits you might have made to the place fields). If any
> existing place matches the one specified in the tag, no new place is
> created. If no existing place match, a new place is created.
> > Newly created entries made
> > from the Tag entry screen won't have all the short place,
> > start and end year and comments fields that most of my
> > other places have. So I'll be stuck with a duplicate
> > entry that will need to be cleaned up at a later date.
> No, you don't get duplicate entries this way. As I said above, if the
> place in the new tag matches an existing place in all the fields
> visible on the Tag Entry Screen, the existing place is used. In that
> case all our short place and other entries are preserved.
> Only if there is no match in those fields is a new place created. It's
> a new place because it contains different entries in the key fields.
> The fields not visible on the Tag Entry screen are not copied from the
> existing places, I expect because there could be an unlimited number
> of places that share some visible fields, all with different data in
> the fields not shown on the Tag Entry screen. There would be no way to
> pick which existing place to copy from.
> Terry Reigel
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