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From: "John Cardinal" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 10:34:00 -0500
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Chuck Mayfield wrote:
> >One way to get around the read-only issue is to put a ZIP file on
> >the CD. Add all the DBF, FPT, and CDX files to the zip. Then tell
> >your family members to unzip the ZIP file, saving the files therein
> >to their hard drive. That should avoid the read-only problem.
> Thanks, John!


I just thought of something. You can make the ZIP file using TMG, and that
will increase the chances that you include all the proper database files.

The first thing you need to know is that SQZ files made by TMG's Backup
command _are_ zip files. Your family members won't have TMG so they won't
have a way to restore a SQZ file, but most PCs have an unzip program.
(Windows XP has it built-in.) So, if you make a SQZ file in TMG, then change
the file extension from SQZ to ZIP, just about anyone should be able to
unzip the contents.

For the purpose of creating a copy of the project to use with Mocakebi, I

1 - Uncheck the "Current Project Options > Advanced > Save image thumbnails"
preference via the File > Preferences command. That will remove thumbnails
for exhibits; Mocakebi doesn't show exhibits so you don't need the
thumbnails! <g>

2 - Next, use TMG's File > Maintenance > Optimize command to reduce the size
of your data files.

3 - Next, use TMG's File > Backup command to make the SQZ file. Uncheck the
"external exhibits" option. (Again, Mocakebi doesn't show exhibits.) Choose
"Slowest" in the Compression pull-down menu to make the SQZ file as small as

4 - Important: In TMG v5 or v6, uncheck all selections except "Project data
files". If you don't do this, you'll include other files that aren't
necessary and may confuse the person who eventually unzips the contents.

5 - Before you copy the SQZ file to the CD, change the filetype to ZIP.

Hope this helps.


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