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From: "Peggy Haley" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Sentences
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 19:36:40 -0700
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A similar thing happened to me. Last week I had a <FARIAL> show up in a
sentence and its cause drove me nuts until I found I had a missing " ] " in
the sentence. When I fixed it the <FARIAL> was gone the next time I ran the
report. I am not sure why it worked I am just happy that it did. : )


On 3/24/06, Astrid Kranzbuhler <> wrote:
> Lee wrote:
> > Carol is speaking here of the print-out having <FARIAL> or <FTIMES
> > NEW ROMAN> or some other <F......> text printing. If this is what is
> > printed, then this is _not_ a Variable or Printer Code in
> > TMG. Instead, it is the sign that the word processor cannot find the
> > named font installed in Windows. As Terry mentioned, there is an
> > article on my web site discussing this (see URL below).
> Hi Lee,
> just a comment:
> I don't remember specifics but, while it often is a Windows font problem,
> I
> have seen it on (rare) occasions that I had such entries in reports, only
> to
> find I had a 'typo' in a variable in the sentence construction. Fixing the
> typo then also fixed the <FARIAL> (or whatever) in the output.
> Please don't ask how or why <G>
> Astrid
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