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From: "Mark Pepall" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Wish List - Sources
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 21:52:22 +0100
In-Reply-To: <200632611214.793013@Terry3>

Not my best subject but here goes!

14 core groups, better called "source element groups" I assumed there were
14 because of the 14 spaces on the general tab of the "source definition
so I counted them on the help pages, so 30 "source element groups".

And yes click on one of the 14 buttons and the "source elements" pick list
appears, this I would like to sort into "group order" because I think that
would help me choose/create a more specific label for my source template.
When you select an element group your next choice does not include that
element group, I'd not noticed that before, clever.

I now know that if you do not add your "source element" choice to an output
template, spelt correctly, before "OK" they vanish, learnt the hard way.
What dictates the order they appear on the general tab, not alphabetical or
linked to the output templates, is it what, who, when, where, etc. nice to
know in the help files or better still let us select the order for logical
data entry.

I'm not so knowledgeable to have thought much beyond that but what about a
"transfer to template" or "reset" button, one for each output type, to
automatically put the elements on the general tab into the output templates
in the order they appear, with conditional brackets, with of course one of
those "are you absolutely sure" warnings. The user can then cut/paste and
add bits to achieve the required output.

So my basic wish is to change the "source element" list from one to 30
individual lists so the same word could be use twice. I would have liked to
add "Testator" to the "Author" group for my will source but it is already
used in the "Subject" group.

Hope this better explains my wish.

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From: Terry Reigel [mailto:]
Sent: 26 March 2006 17:02
Subject: Re: [TMG] Wish List - Sources

Mark, I agree that there could be some improvements to make editing
source elements easier. I'd like to understand your idea, and am
having some difficulty...

On Sun, 26 Mar 2006 10:24:58 +0100, Mark Pepall wrote:
> My wish is for sources, this wish is in response to the
> area I had some difficulty with while learning to create
> sources. I would like to be able to see at a glance the
> labels I have available for each of the core 14 group
> elements.

I don't understand what you mean by "core 14" groups - I don't know of
any group of 14 that is different from the others. Do you mean the 25
or so that can appear in the 14 spots on the General tab of the Report

> So to the "Source Elements" screen fancy
> change, have the screen show only the core 14 elements by
> their default names and each have a sub list where you
> can add/select the different labels. Or simpleish, add a
> column for group, and title the current one label, then
> be able to sort by either column, alphabetical, what we
> see now, and by group for me.

Are you talking here about the list of elements that appears when you
click on one of the 14 label buttons on the General Tab of a source
definition screen?

I think there is a problem with adding elements by clicking on these
labels ... namely, that it does nothing to help in adding them to the
output templates. And, until you add them to one or more templates,
nothing's really been accomplished. <g>

Seems to me that what's needed is some sort of list to pick from while
in the output template fields. In that context, I agree that some way
to easily distinguish between those that appear on the General tab and
the others would be very helpful - an idea I'd not thought of before.

Or, maybe an idea is to make it easier to add the elements on the
General tab, as you suggest, then some easy way in the Templates to
add elements that have been placed on the General tab? Make it a
two-step process, and make each step easier than it is now.

Suggestions welcome - this is an area that's troubled me for a while,
and I've had no clear ideas to suggest as improvements.

Terry Reigel

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