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From: Lee Hoffman <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Project Explorer--Version 6.08
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 13:42:40 -0500
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apn wrote:
>After some time away from TMG, I have some questions. When I open a
>project window the Project Explorer (PE) window automatically comes
>up over the Details Window. I'm sure it didn't used to do that. I
>prefer to have it visible "only" when I want it.

If you do not wish the Project Explorer (PE) displayed all the time
then you need to either select or create a Layout that does not
include the PE. To create one,
1. Turn off the PE (click the X in the upper right corner of
the PE window or click on the PE icon button on the Layout Toolbar),
2. Make sure the remaining open windows are ones that you
want open for this Layout and arrange (position and size) them as desired.
3. Select the View=>Layouts=>Manage Layouts option on the Main Menu.
4. If it is a new Layout, enter the Layout name in the
upper field, and click on the [Save] button.
5. If this is a change to an existing Layout, choose the
Select Layout entry (may already be entered), and click on the
[Overwrite] button.

>Also I'm sure it used to show extra information when the mouse
>hovered over a name--now it doesn't. I've right clicked in the PE
>window and have checked "Show Item Tips in PE" and "Multiline Text
>on PE" (pg 86 of manual). It does not show any additional
>information when hovering the mouse over a name (show item tips).
>When I click on a name with a plus sign in front of it, I do get
>additional information--is that what's meant by "Multiline Text on PE"?

The "Show Item Tips" and "Multiline Text" accomplish almost the same
thing and may or may not be effective depending on the width of the
PE. If neither are selected and if the entry is long enough, some
information will be effectively hidden at the right (truncated) due
to the width of the PE being narrower than the entry. In such a case,
1. If you select the "Multiline Text" option then the line
will wrap around to the next line displaying all of the entry.
or 2. If you select the "Show Item Tips" option then the item
tip will display showing all of the entry when the mouse cursor is
hovered over the entry.

For short entries, neither option will appear to do anything.

Hope this helps -

Lee Hoffman/KY
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