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From: "Keith Skinner" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Census Sentence Formats
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 08:22:27 +1100
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Thank you to all for your suggestions on how to set up Census Sentence

I have settled on the format that Terry's website provides, as it gives the
output format I require.

It appears from this discussion, that there are many ways to achieve an
outcome in the TMG programme

Thanks once again to all for the help.


Keith Skinner

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From: bob gillis [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, 31 March 2006 8:12 AM
Subject: Re: [TMG] Census Sentence Formats

Keith Skinner wrote:



>Your example applies specifically to a Census carried out in the USA. I
>several different Census locations - Scotland, England, Australia etc. From
>your example, it appears that I will need to create different Tags for each
>set of Census criteria (eg. CenSCT1851 - Scotland 1851). Is this correct?
You do not have to create a separate Tag for each Census. Some do mainly
I think to have each Census Tag primary and others because they want a
different Sentence for each Census: P1 and P2 and WO were enumerated in
the 1851 Scottish Census. I do not see a need for that if the date of
the Census is entered and the location. however there is no need to
have each Census Tag primary.

i have one Census Tag. with a Sentence of P1 and P2 (the spouse) were
enumerated on D in L, and WO were in the family and M.

In D I put the as of date for the Census or the actual date of
enumeration, In almost every case this this gives the Census year. I
give the Location as in the Census

As witnesses I enter the people who are in the Census and in my Data
set. In the memo I have, the other people from the Census that I want
to record and possibly report. and in the Memo information and other
people living in the household such as unrelated boarders or roomers.

I use this one tag for US Census, the 1841 Scottish Census, the Various
Canadian Census and If I had British Census extracts for them.

The only problem with using Witnesses in the Census Tag is that they
will not export to a GEDCOM file. However there are utilities that will
create a separate Census Tag for each person.

bob gillis

bob gillis

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