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Subject: What to do
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 17:42:30 EST

Uft won't import correctly to TMG. But UFT has all my sources attached
and is functioning well. But at some point I need to go to TMG. What would you
experienced UFT/TMG users suggest?

I have genbridge UFT to TMG, but no sources attached in one try but there is
a master source list. In another genbridge, the master source list is missing
but the sources are garbled and checked on the pv window. Should I merge
these two so I have the project that has the sources checked in the pv window,
but not attached. They merge the master source list and just attached them?
Then go in and just recheck them and edit them.

This would be verses inputting all 5,000 people and sources from the start
I can print out a report in UFT that tells what source is attached to what
person. Not sure it will give me the exact page of each source and details used?

I just am so frustrated, I don't know where to start or which option would be
the best.
It looks like TMG is much more difficult than UFT, even tho I was using
advanced mode in UFT. But all these problems on the message board scare me. UFT
was doing a good job for me without all the relearning and fixing bugs in TMG?

Any suggestions would be helpful.


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