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From: Gary Kueber <>
Subject: 6.08 Backup-Restore Problem
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 18:31:26 -0600

I have experimented with my backup-restore problem and find a consistent
problem. My normal practice when I exit TMG is to click the X in the
upper right corner. I then get prompted to do a backup which I always
do. I did seven backups that way this afternoon and none of them could
be restored. I also exited once by clicking File-Exit and backed up
when prompted. That backup also could not be restored. Interspersed
with those backups I twice backed up by clicking File-Backup. Both of
those backups could be restored.

I then restarted Windows, opened a different TMG project and tried the
same thing with the same results.

My conclusion is that there is a defect in the backups done as part of
exiting TMG. The only safe, usable backups are those done through

Gary Kueber

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