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From: "Mert & Holly Kilpatrick" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Removing/correcting MPL entry
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 07:42:16 -0400
In-Reply-To: <002001c660de$511b7d00$6601a8c0@CAROL>

Thanks for sticking with me on this! And Bob and others.

Carol wrote:
> I opened the Master Place
> List, sorted by city, corrected the two mistakes, closed the MPL, and
> tried
> again. This time, when I opened a tag, went to the city field and hit F2,
> the erroneous entries were gone. Had I used them recently, they would
> still
> appear in the F3 cycle (although that only shows one field at a
> time....but
> that is another part of the story), but not in F2 list.
> I believe that Holly is saying that when she followed these steps, she
> still
> sees the mistakes in the F2 list, although she is unable to find them in
> the
> MPL.

I can't really follow those steps, because in the case of this entry of
Stamford,,CT,,,,, I am unable to find it in the MPL to correct it. I have
found and corrected many entries in the MPL, but this particular entry ONLY
shows its face in the F2 list, it does not show in the MPL. Or maybe it's
there (I know it must be!) but I have sorted every which way for Sunday, and
I have scrolled through the MPL back and forth, and can't find this entry.
If I could find it, I could correct it, and then I'm sure I would no longer
see it in the F2 list, but I can't find it. The F2 list says there are two
instances of it. So I have tried running reports of events in CT, but the
reports come up with 0 records.

On this lovely Easter morning, am I really sitting here trying to figure out
why an entry shows up on a TMG window? I must be nuts! But I think I have
time real quick to check out the Bedford cemetery inscriptions I found on
Heritage Quest last night........


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