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From: Lee Hoffman <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Printing Journal Report (was TMG-D Digest V06 #269)
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 08:35:19 -0400
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Anita wrote:
>Lee, Kay and all,
> This problem is a PROGRAM problem. Lee, I tried running per your
> paramaters in the last message. Same thing happened. I have been
> in touch with Dorothy at TMG briefly yesterday. I have (many
> times) run optimize and VFI - which shows no problems. This does
> the same whether it goes to screen or Word, all tags or selected,
> no memos, no sources, no exhibits. Five generations would not
> cause a word processor limit on size.
> I will continue to talk with Dorothy today. It is a PROGRAM
> problem, not a user input problem. The little box that shows up in
> the upper right of the screen (shows the generations, etc.) just
> keeps flashing fast enough that one can not read it. I've let it
> run for more than 10 minutes. I know it is hanging up. The only
> way I can stop it is to ctrl alt del and shut down TMG.

As for a flat statement that the number of generations is the
problem, I would disagree. That might narrow down the search for the
problem, but the number of generations is only a pointer toward the
problem. For some users, the problem you are experiencing may occur
at the same place, earlier (even in the first generation), or later
(in maybe the 249th generation) -- all dependant on what the problem
is and the data involved. Have you tried the Master Document
feature? If not, try it.

That is one more way of determining the problem. It may also even
point to the person (possibly even the Tag) that is causing the
problem. If the problem then is not in the data but in the way TMG
processes that person's data then I would agree that the problem is a
program problem. So, until we get to what the problem is we don't
know if it is a program or data problem.

PS Please note that I have changed the Subject above. I assume you
receive TMG through the Digest mode. Thus when replying to a message
in a Digest, you need to change it to what the actual Subject is as
most Digests cover many Subjects.

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