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From: Polly Held <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Copying Tag
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 14:26:28 -0400
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Lee Hoffman wrote:

> Polly Held wrote:
>> This is where I'm getting stuck also. I don't see where you change
>> the ID#
> Open the copied Tag and change the ID# in the Principal field(s).
> Similarly if the Witness(es) need to be changed, then just add or
> delete them in the Witness box. When you save the change, it will
> disappear from the Person View of the current Focus Person and then
> when you change to the Person View of (one of) the person(s) you
> entered in the Tag, you will see the Tag there.
> Hope this helps -
> Lee Hoffman/KY
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I see where my problem is. You cannot make those types of changes to any
Name-Var tags, only event tags . . . correct? You can copy a Name- Var
tag, but you cannot assign it to another individual by changing the ID
#. I have created census name tags (Teresa style) and would have loved
to be able to just copy the principle's census name tag and then
reassign to the next person in the household instead of switching to a
new person each time and then created a new tag for each one.
Thanks for the help.

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