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From: "Paul E. Lawrence" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Custom tag for choosing one of several categories
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 14:55:39 -0500
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At 02:15 PM 6/27/2006 -0500, Siobhan Kimminau wrote:
>I don't believe we did-just witnesses.

additional information on roles from the 4.0a change log:

o Roles, Principals and witnesses

The Tag Type Definition Screen now supports the creation of a list
of distinct roles for each event type. Each role can have its own
sentence structure in each of the supported languages. Distinct
sentence structures can be designed for male and female participants.

The Tag Entry Screen now includes fields by which the principals
and witnesses can be assigned distinct roles from that list.
Each role that is used can be assigned a distinct local sentence
structure that will override the global sentence structure which is
associated with the event type.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As always, principals and witnesses are the major
classifications for participants in an event. By default,
each participant is identified as "Principal" or "Witness".
However, you can then associate each with a more specific role.
But if you assign a specific role to one principal then you
must do so to the other (if there are two).

So you can either:
(1) identify principals as "Principal" and reflect their roles
(if desired) in a shared sentence structure (as in v4.0
and previous) or ...
(2) associate specific roles with each principal whereupon
you can assign a distinct sentence structure to each.
But you cannot do both in the same event. That is, you will
not be allowed to make one principal a "Groom" and leave the
other a "Principal".

Witnesses can be designated a "witness" or any of the more specific
roles which you have associated (on the Tag Type Definition Screen)
with the event type in question. In any case, a distinct sentence
structure can be designed for each such person.

The witness list on the Tag Entry Screen will reflect the role of
each witness (if entered). The Person View will optionally
display the role of each principal and witness (see Setup Options

Pre-defined Roles

The follow additional roles are pre-defined. Their associated
sentences structures can be changed but the roles cannot be deleted.

Event type Predefined Roles
------------ ----------------------
Birth Child
Death Deceased
Marriage Bride, Groom
Buried Interred
Divorce Divorce' (man), Divorcee (woman)
Address Resident

Users importing from UFT will see additional roles associated with
these and other event types.

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