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From: Lee Hoffman <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Ships & voyages - "ship people" or timelines
Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2006 12:19:07 -0400
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Delia Robertson wrote:
>I am trying to decide how to enter data about ships and the voyages
>they made, other than simply as voyage tags for individuals.
>I have been considering the option of creating separate timelines
>for each vessel I want to include; or, creating "ship people," and
>am currently leaning toward the latter.

As John Cardinal replied, your idea will work. The same thing has
been done by many for census entries based on Diana Begeman's
web-page on census entries:

Another option, which may or may not suit your needs is to add a
History Tag for each voyage by each ship adding each passenger as a
Witness. With Roles, you can assign different Sentences for each
ship/each voyage/each passenger as fits your need.

Once you set up a History Tag for one person, it is easy to add other
persons. Right-click on the Person View (PV) of the "new" person,
and select the option to "Show History Tags for people that are not
linked to them". This displays ALL History Tags that you have
used. Find the desired History Tag, and add the "new" person,
adjusting the Witness Sentence as needed. Now right-click on the PV
again, and turn off (de-select) the "Show History Tags" option. The
"new" person will now have the desired History Tag in their PV.

I won't suggest a Witness Sentence as it will depend on a number of
points. The location in the place fields could be the departure or
arrival port of the ship and likewise, the date. The Memo can be
structured as needed including the use of the "Split Memo" feature,
if needed. In most cases, the target sentence will be mostly
recorded in the Memo including such information as departure (or
arrival) date and place, name of the ship, its type (a pink, a
galley, a XX-gun man-of-war, etc.) and anything else desired. One
such Sentence that I used is:
[:CR:][:CR:][M1] <[L]> <[D]>. [M2]: [R:PassHope301]
Note the Role above is designed for one passenger of the Hope on one
trip. Other passengers and/or trips by the same ship would have
slightly different Sentences. The result of the above is:
The ship, Hope, a galley, commanded by Daniel Reidt [Reed],
master, left
Rotterdam, sailing first to Cowes (on the Isle of Wight),
and then arriving
at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 23 Sep 1734. The
passengers then took
the oath to the government in the presence of: Honorable
Patrick Gordon,
Esquire, Lieutenant Governor, Thomas Griffits, Esquire,
Mayor, and Charles
Read, Esquire. The following were some of the
passengers: Hans Hendrick
Hofman, Anna Margret Hofman, Johanis Jung.

One of the nice features of TMG that is not evident from the above is
that you can show the name as it was actually recorded in the
source. For example, the names above have the following Primary Name
in TMG: Hans Henrich Huffman, Anna Margarethe Huettenhen, Johannes
Young. Just select the desired name in the Edit Witness by clicking
on the down arrow by Primary name.

Hope this helps -

Lee Hoffman/KY
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