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From: "John Harris" <>
Subject: Project Files In My Documents
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 09:27:07 -0700

Thanks to Lee, John, Dennis, Kevin, Donna, Barbara & all that have given me

Lee said he keeps his Project files, External Exhibits, & TMG Program on
separate drives. That gave me the idea that I could place my External
exhibits (both the Print exhibits & WEB exhibits) in "My Documents" folder.
I back up "My Documents" to an external hard drive once a week & once a
month I also burn to external DVD drive. This way my external exhibits will
be backed up when I back up "My Documents". These backups are a full copy of
the files not a compressed .sqz file. I have tried out this arrangement &
found it works for me with TMG & SS.

I would also like to put my Project Files in "My Documents" so I can backup
these files as well. But I would also like to make a .sqz backup on exiting
TMG every time.

This is my question:
Can I do a TMG Backup & Restore with the project files in "My Documents"
folder and not in C:\Program files\The Master Genealogist\Projects\?

Idea for TMG users: An external hard drive is a much easier & faster to do
backups (Select All, Drag & Drop). And if you burn to CDs, get a DVD
burner. Spanning CD's is a chore. I can put all of "My Documents" on a
single DVD.

John Harris

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