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From: "Jim Byram" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Project Files In My Documents
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 13:01:39 -0400
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John Harris wrote:

> Lee said he keeps his Project files, External Exhibits, & TMG Program on
> separate drives. That gave me the idea that I could place my External
> exhibits (both the Print exhibits & WEB exhibits) in "My Documents"
> folder.
> I back up "My Documents" to an external hard drive once a week & once a
> month I also burn to external DVD drive. This way my external exhibits
> will
> be backed up when I back up "My Documents". These backups are a full copy
> of
> the files not a compressed .sqz file. I have tried out this arrangement &
> found it works for me with TMG & SS.

Good practice.

> I would also like to put my Project Files in "My Documents" so I can
> backup
> these files as well. But I would also like to make a .sqz backup on
> exiting
> TMG every time.

Also a good practice.

> This is my question:
> Can I do a TMG Backup & Restore with the project files in "My Documents"
> folder and not in C:\Program files\The Master Genealogist\Projects\?

TMG will backup your projects irrespective of where the projects and
ancillary data such as exhibits are stored. And you can restore a project to
any folder you wish. So the answer is yes.

The Program Files TMG program folder should not contain any program data or
user data. Although both practices are illegal, WinXP allows it to happen.
WinVista enforces this restriction and TMG will need considerable revision
as to where data files are stored to be WinVista-compliant. Your TMG user
data files should always be stored in 'user space' and My Documents is the
default user space designated by the operating system.

Having all your user data in the My Documents tree also facilitates backing
up your data.


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