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From: Dennis Lee Bieber <> (by way of Lee Hoffman <>)
Subject: Re: [TMG] Re: Changing File Locations (was Project Files In My Documents)
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2006 00:44:58 -0400

On or about 10/4/2006 03:33 PM a carrier pigeon from John Davis delivered:

>It would seem that there are a lot of programs that will need to
>have files shuffled around, not just TMG, to make sure that they all
>meet these standards. Don't most programs install virtually
>everything under their own proprietary-named directory by default?

Most programs that are WinXP compliant/aware place
USER-modifiable files in a user specific directory under \Documents
and Settings\username\Application Data

The primary key is that installed applications are not to
put /user changed/ files into the \program files\ directory. \Program
Files\ is supposed to be locked so that only an administrator can
affect it, and that would be during the installation of the
application. When a user starts an application, for the first time,
the application should discover that there is no Application Data and
initialize one (perhaps copying a default set of files from the
installation directory to the user data directory).

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