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From: <> (by way of Lee Hoffman <>)
Subject: Re: [TMG] Project Files In My Documents
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2006 09:05:30 -0400

on 10/4 DeAnna Burghart wrote:

>Bummer. Sounds like I'm going to have to discard my vintage DOS mode trees,
>wherein all genealogy programs go in C:\Genealogy, all games go in C:\Games,
>etc. That reeks. I absolutely LOATHE digging through my bloated,
>overwhelming Program Files tree ... /sigh Yet another reason to cling like
>a barnacle to my increasingly-outdated Win2k Pro. :) Virtualization sounds
>like a support nightmare.

The above reminds me (newbie) of the money/books I've accumulated, to
try to better comprehend and use Windows Explorer (XP) in general,
and why my Save and other "directions" to Explorer don't always
produce the expected result. Seems so straightforward.....put a
folder/file in a destination location. It was interesting to note
that Ms. Burghart used the word "overwhelming".

For instance, when first opened, Explorer displays only Desktop/My
Docs/My Computer and My Net Places. Then it expands to the full tree
and there 4 levels down (under My Computer) from the initial My Docs
is another, seemingly content duplicate My Docs. Is this
just standard computer functional replication or is there some
less-than-obvious utility involved ?

I haven't kept a list but W Explorer has other mysterious (to me)
inconsistencies which seem to overly complicate a good idea.

If there's someone who would care to expound on this for a paragraph
or three, I'd read it (with interest). Thanks, Joe Lake.

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