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From: bob gillis <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Project Files In My Documents
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2006 17:21:43 -0400
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Lee Hoffman wrote:


> By default, new projects created in TMG will be placed in the projects
> folder. If you only have a single project, this is no problem. Even
> if you have more, there should not be any problem. But more
> experienced users will create a sub-folder under the project folder
> for each project. As discussed in this conversation, many experienced
> user will even "move" the projects folder outside of the Program Files
> area and (if possible) to a different hard drive.

> snip

I have all my TMG Project files, except my Backups and Reprot
Defintions, in my project folder under TMG in Program Files.

I think that Lee has convinced me to move my files to another folder or
folders, probably in My documents.

I have three projects. My question which has probably been answered
before somewhere, is what do I move where:

I have .acc (Accent? 3 ID, 3 no ID, but probably Sample); .CDX ( FP SC,
Index, 3 ID); .dbf, (FP data 3 ID); .flc (no ID); .FLE(?, no ID); .FLN
(Flag? no ID); .FLP (Flag def? no ID); .FPT(FP Memo? no ID); .PJC
(Project ID? 3ID); .log (.log ( 3 ID, 3 no ID)

ID means Project Identification, FP = Foxpro

In the .acc files, my Master Project has 3 .acc files; Master_.acc,
Master_1.acc and Master_2.acc pus 1 for each of the other two. All
three Projects show the same custom PV colors on the screen.

If I move all the files to one TMG Projects folder, no problem. However
if I move to three separate Project folders, how do I allocate the no ID
files to the right Project? Copy each set of files to all three project
folders, whether they apply or not?

bob gilis

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