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Subject: Re: [TMG] Project Files In My Documents
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006 22:28:13 EDT

Hi, Joan -

I don't think you are in any trouble, especially if the projects are opening
normally without any error messages.. Sounds like you did a good job. It's
less problematic when you have each project in its own folder to start with
and move all those files together. The preference project path is set in
Program Options > General. The path is to the Projects subfolder My
Documents\Projects, not to the individual project folder.

After the move, when you use File > Open and navigate to the new location of
each project, TMG will list the complete project path at the bottom of the
file menu. If you haven't yet set the new project path in preferences, maybe
that is why you have to always tell TMG to open the last project used?

Virginia B.

Joan Lince wrote:
>I already had done what Virginia's message says not to do, before I read the
message. Am I in trouble? No signs yet of anything wrong (except that when I
open TMG I always have to tell it to open the last project used), but I need
to find out whether I've done anything to threaten my data, before I add any
more data to the moved projects.
Before I started I had my two projects in separate subfolders in the
Projects subfolder under Program Files/The Master Genealogist. It was quite
a while ago that I did this, and I think I just used Windows Explorer to get
them separated.
For the move to My Documents I set up a TMG data subfolder in My Documents
and under that a Projects subfolder, and under that subfolders for my two
projects. Same thing with a Backups subfolder and a Report subfolder. And
moved absolutely everything from each subfolder in the Program Files tree to
the corresponding subfolder in the My Documents tree. In TMG under
Preferences I explained where the backups, report, and project files should
be found. My thinking is a little murky here, since the location of Backups
and Reports is defined under Current Project Options, but I'm not sure where
you define the location of Projects.
Have I made this clear? Will my data be O.K. and can I go ahead and enter
data as I now have it? Or are there steps I can take to be sure everything
<is OK?


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