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Subject: Re: [TMG] V6.12 Bug???
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 12:26:50 EST

John Brown wrote:
>I tried this, but it did not work. I also tried downloading and reapplying
the v6.12 patch and that didn't help either. I had hoped that TMG would
>monitor the list, but apparently not.
Although most of the TMG support staff are on the cruise with limited access
to the internet, the developers are still at work and are aware of the Exhibit
log problem, including your reports. When the problem is specific to the
computer systems of a few people, it's especially difficult to pin down.

One person fixed the problem by reinstalling WindowXP. I think that's a
pretty drastic fix, so I'd wait a couple of days for Tech Support's advice and the
meantime you could try a clean install of TMG (Barbara Grempler's directions
below) - although be aware that did _not_ solve the problem for one of the
other users.

Before doing that, however, I would try again with the 'paste into memo' fix.
Try it with the small memo box and again with the expanded memo (F7 to
expand it) and paste a good size chunk (several paragraphs) from a WordProcessor
file (maybe all those hidden codes trigger something). Try entering something
in a field, and if that did not fix the problem, try rebooting the computer and
check it again.

If you are going to reinstall TMG - have your registration number handy
first!!!!!! It is also important to disable all virus software before reinstalling.

Have the Serial Number for The Master Genealogist email available.
Backup All (project & customizations)
Copy and Paste your Project and Pics folders to a safe place (Desktop or
other folder).
Use Windows Add/Remove programs to remove The Master Genealogist (for all
Delete the remaining The Master Genealogist folder from the Program Files
Turn off and restart your computer.
Disable all virus software before reinstalling.
For TMG 6, use your CD or go to and download the 30-Day
Trial version. Unlock it for the full version. The 30-Day Trial version is
always the latest setup file.
Install TMG and update if necessary.
Return the data folders and Restore customizations from your backup.

Barbara Grempler
(No longer in Tech Support)
(on WG forum)
Virginia Blakelock

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