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From: "Teresa Elliott" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] UFT to TMG Conversion
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 23:39:22 -0600
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That would really be up to you. I do a separate source for each document, so
I am known as a splitter. If you do one source per roll of film, like the
census, or say for the SSDI, you'd be a lumper. People who mix them up
depending on the source say lumping Census, but splitting births are known
as splumpers. Now you have to decide which you want to be. I am the
ultimate in splitter, so I'd suggest one for each person, but since you
sound like you'd prefer in this instance to have once source for the SSDI
and then put the details in the CD, I suggest you might be better served to
be a lumper on this source. There's no right or wrong way and each has it's
advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to split, I can send you my
source template for the SSDI.

Teresa Ghee Elliott
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Subject: Re: [TMG] UFT to TMG Conversion

I understand now what the citation detail is -that is where you might
have the same source for different tags, but you could customize that
citation for a particular source with page numbers, text, etc., specific
to that citation.

One area I have a lot of cleanup to do is in the merging of identical
sources. In UFT, I used a lot of Free Note Sources to save time. In UFT,
you could not use those again, so I might have used the source
information over dozens of time, having to create a new source each time
with new information (I probably could have created a custom source, but
never got that far with UFT). Now, I am merging those identical Sources
in TMG.

For instance, I might have typed "social security death index" as a Free
Note Source in UFT, which could not be edited and now it can be freely
edited in TMG. It's a very simple, but time consuming task (having to do
them one at a time), to merge all of these into one source to reference
. If I'm not mistaken, I could then type text in the citation detail for
a given citation. For example, Jane Doe's source for her death might be
"social security death index". That is the same source for dozens of
other people. In her citation detail, I might add, "SSDI states Jane was
living in Tuscon, AZ at the time of her death". This citation detail
would then only show up in Jane Doe's information, and not the dozens of
other individuals who also might be linked to the "social security death
index" source.

Am I straight on this? Or would I for some reason want to have all the
applicable individuals linked to their own individual source, in this
instance, "social security death index", rather than have them all
linked to the one (single) source entitled, "social security death
index", with individualized information in citation details for that
source? -SR

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