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Subject: Re: [TMG] Use of PDA's and/or Blackberries
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 21:40:37 +0000

David - I took my Zire 71 (Palm OS) to the Famiy History Center my last trip -- and loved it! So easy to carry -- all my data was there (I use GedStar), I also took my laptop, left it in the hotel and imput every evening (I wouldn't be able to read my writing if I waited to get home!). This also guided me into what I needed to do the next day. One drawback -- the PDA dropped out of my pocket while I was looking at books. Good thing genies are honest people -- I had it back within 15 min. But it was scarey for awhile. Bigger pocket next time!!! Downside - you can't imput data into the PDA so have to write it down, or photocopy. Upside -- the weight and size. The nice thing about the Zire 71 is that it has a camera attached -- I could also take pictures of books, etc. which turned out quite nicely. Not the quality of a high priced digital camera -- but adequate for my needs. I say - go for it........
Carol Collins

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From: "David Rushing" <>
> Has anyone used a handheld computer for research? It is difficult to use a
> laptop in many places space being at a premium so I was thinking about a
> handheld device. I see software for PDA's that is compatible with TMG and FTM.
> Since most of the places I will be doing research are some distance away, I want
> to collect the most data I can in a single visit. That being the case I would
> be basically replacing pen and paper with a PDA and enter the data into TMG upon
> returning home.
> I would appreciate any thoughts or comments about this idea.
> Also, has anyone had experience with the physical use of the PDA? ie are they
> really usable?
> Thanks
> David Rushing
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