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From: Sandie <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Still Struggling With Research Log
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 09:21:31 -0700
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Wow..thank you for such wonderful info and suggestions.
At first I was reluctant to dump my Research Log and start over. Now I'm
glad I did! It's a little work at first, but I'm getting more excited to
use it on a continual basis. Now it doesn't seem as awkward to use it.

Using the Progress text field for my priority code makes sense to me,
however, I see an advantage in using the Keyword field in that when I
bring up the first screen of the Research Log I see(on the bottom right
hand side) that I could sort by a Keyword filter for a quick look. So
if, in the Keyword field, I put a number first representing the priority
and then an abbreviation code representing the place to do the research
then the list on the left would be sorted in a more useful way.

Thinking out loud,

Lee Hoffman said the following:

> Yes. I would suggest one of three fields: Task Name, Keyword, the text
> field of a Task Stage (Date) and Comment. For the Task Name field, you
> would probably want it formatted so that the priority was first followed
> by the actual Task Name. This naturally might cause report sorting to
> group similarly named Tasks together. But that may or may not be that
> great a problem -- something you might need to test before completely
> deciding either way.
> Entering the priority in the Comment (Memo) field is probably a better
> option. However, you would also need to format it in some unique way.
> The big problem with this option is that the Memo field is not one of
> the Sort By options. Thus you would have to sort the Tasks on your own
> -- Okay for a few dozen Tasks, but whe you have hundreds and thousands....
> You could enter it in the Keyword field -- again as the first entry for
> Sort By purposes. Again this might or might not cause problems if you
> are sorting by Keyword for the other entries.
> Entering a priority in the text field of one of the Task Stages makes
> the most sense to me. This is especially so if you use the Completed
> Task Stage text field. It is unlikely that you would use this field
> otherwise until the Task is actually complete. Therefore, any entry
> there could be overwritten easily. You could even use the lack of a
> priority entry as it own priority since you can filter on that field for
> empty, not empty. Add to this filter whether the Task is complete by
> filtering on the Completed Date in many different ways including empty,
> not empty, etc.
> I based a lot of the above on numeric priorities. But, if you use
> alphabetic or alphanumeric priorities then some of the objections mighty
> be moot. Again you would have to text to be sure.
> Hope this helps -
> Lee Hoffman/KY
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