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From: Lee Hoffman <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Outputting citations to MSWord
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 14:09:01 -0400
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GeneJunky wrote:
>I can no longer speak for the links and tabs in MSWord2003, however both
>2003 and MSWord2007 include ways to create and manage sources (in 2007, tab
>"References">"Citations & bibliography") that are distinct from footnotes
>and endnotes (in 2007, tab "References">"Footnotes").
>Perhaps my question was not phrased well, but it seems to me that in the
>output process, TMG citations could transfer over pre-formatted as
>"endnotes," -or TMG might be outputting the "citation" and "bibliography" to
>MSWord, the effect of which would be to add the "source" to MSWord for that
>document. These "sources" in MSWord are akin to the "Master Source List" in
>TMG; --they can be edited as sources, etc.
>If citations transfer to Word (2007) as "endnotes" then I don't find a way
>to convert the endnotes to MSWord sources ("Citations &
>Bibliography">"Manage Sources")
>If I have not stated my question correctly, might another user of Word2003
>jump in and correct me?

It is not so much the way you are stating the question but the fact
that you are using term used in TMG to refer to things in MS/Word or
other word processors. TMG has Sources and Source Citations which
are two different things entirely. A Source is a document (may be on
paper or in some other form (e.g., gravestone or recording). A
Source record, in TMG, is a description of that Source. A Source
Citation is the formatted description in one of three basic formats
-- embedded citation, (Foot or End) note or Bibliography.

In a word processor, a note may be embedded in the narrative, output
as a footnote, or output as an endnote. A bibliography is a
collection of the _basic_ information of those notes.

Thus Sources are not output in a report, but Source Citations
are -- depending on where you choose to output them. The location
and form of the citation depends on where you want the citations to
print and in what format. Thus you may choose to have the citations
as embedded (as part of the sentence to which it supports), or as a
note at the bottom of the page (a footnote) or at the end of the
report (an endnote). Source Citations output in this form will
often include additional information such as chapter and pages
numbers with the document being described, comments by the user, or
some other information pertinent to the data for which the citation
supports. Then there is the list of works cited also known as the
bibliography. A bibliographic citation is similar to the note
citation except it does not have the added information. It does not
support any particular data but the entire report.

For example, we have a Source (number 23) is John Smith's Death
Certificate. It is attached as a Source Citation to the Birth and
Death Tags for John Smith since it has both dates in it. We will
then be able to output a note attached to the birth sentence and a
note attached to the death sentence. These may be embedded within
the sentences, as footnotes at the bottom of the page or as endnotes
at the end of the report. The note for the birth sentence may
include a comment regarding the reliability of the date. The death
sentence may or may not have any comment. Finally, the bibliography
may be printed which is often the basic part of the note without the
comment. Bibliographic citations are usually in a slightly different
format than the note citation. This difference is to allow the
bibliography (list of works cited) to be sorted in a specific order
-- usually by author's name (for books) or by location of the
document (for un-published material).

So Sources do not export in reports, but Source Citations do --
depending on the format and placement desired.

Hope this helps -

Lee Hoffman/KY
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