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From: "GeneJunky" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Punctuation for Date Calculator citation
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 09:08:48 -0700
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Thanks Bob.
Thank you for responding to my inquiry.
In many cases, hopefully most, the delayed record of the birth date as per
the death certificate (whether calculated from or as stated in) is not the
only citable source of information for the date of birth.
I have not used TMG's features for source or citation sureties, but it is
interesting to note how many others do.
Thanks again for your suggestions. --GeneJ

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Subject: Re: [TMG] Punctuation for Date Calculator citation

GeneJunky wrote:
> Hi Bob, and thank you Lee and Glenn.
> Usually I'm using the age at death, generally from a death certificate, as
> the source for the date of birth, and my primary citation is, or should
> to that death certificate source. Ditto if that is my only source for the
> birth record, I use "circa" in the date of birth field.

If you are using a more recent death certificate that has the age, the
age is calculated from the birth date which has been given to the
recorder or funeral home.
> Bob, are you saying that rather than add a second citation, "Date
> Calculator" you think the program and the mechanism (TMG/date calculator)
> should not be referenced at all, or that that latter should be included in
> the CD of the primary citation (death certificate)?

If you enter a circa birth date, give it a surety of 2 and put the memo
I suggested in the Birth Tag , no citation except to the Death
Certificate is needed.

You can then make a Research Task to find the obit which may give the
place of birth if not on the DC and to find a birth record.

bob gillis
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