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Subject: Re: [TMG] Copy/Paste from Memo Field
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 11:51:27 EDT

Lee, Edit > Paste didn't work because it was not even available, and I
didn't notice until Virginia and Terry pointed that out. I was just using the
keyboard automatically like I did in TMG 4d and not even looking at the Edit
drop-down menu. That's why I even noticed this anomaly. (The Sentence field was
open, and the cursor was in it where I wanted to paste.) Thanks. Frankie

In a message dated 6/17/2007 11:20:57 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,

>If I go to any Tag Entry window . . .
>Open Memo field
>Highlight a sentence from the Memo field
>Edit > Copy
>Close Memo field
>Open Sentence field
>Edit > Paste
>Nothing happens; nothing is pasted to the Sentence field

Well, I'm not sure but it looks like it is working normal.

Where is the cursor in the field? Did you, in fact, click in the
Sentence Structure field, or tab to the Sentence Structure
field? You must tell where you want the data to be paster. When the
window is opened, the cursor is (by default) located on the Role
field. This allows you to choose which Role (if multiple Roles) on
which work is to be done.

Hope this helps -

Lee Hoffman/KY

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