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From: "GRSwede" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Family Reunions and TMG - Unknown Names
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 13:45:59 -0600
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Teresa, I have pondered using an old desk top PC and SS also. I will give
it a shot to see if I can use SS.

I will print indented descendancy charts to have on hand, but I suspect they
will be too voluminous for most to keep track of what they are looking at.
In that most of the people will be from families of the same ancestor (my
great grand father) they probably can tolerate a six generation indented
descendancy chart.

So as to not offend new attendees whose family line is common three
generations farther back I will have to pick a generation point to generate
their descendancy charts. I then will tie the two or three descendancy
charts together with a single three generation chart.

Good point on gathering information at the reunion. I do plan to take to
the reunion 300 or so old family photographs for people to help identify the
people in the pictures. I also want people to select or give me pictures to
enter as TMG exhibits. Half of the photos are on CD and half are just Xerox
copies of photographs obtained from a second cousin 15 years ago.

TMG is great for me to use, but I think computers at reunions of older
people may be like my experience of relating to relatives my life in Germany
for seven years. After about 20 minutes they tend to talk about Mabel's new
washing machine.

Thanks for your input.

John Lundquist

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Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2007 12:32 PM
Subject: Re: [TMG] Family Reunions and TMG - Unknown Names

One year I did a huge descendant chart and you had to "sign in" on the
descendant chart. We then gave it away as a door prize. It was fun to
watch people try and find their name and then see how they were related to
each other and the head guy.

Last year I sold SS CDs. They were a big hit and I plan on doing that again
this year. (I made too many. <G> But I didn't want to run out.)

It doesn't take long to make one CD and we just took an old desktop and set
SS up on it. People could browse around on it. Warning though, only the
younger two generations showed any interest in doing so, because the older
ones were afraid of the computer.

I also did Indented Descendant charts one year for each child (he had 13)
and people found themselves in those. That worked really well, because they
all knew which child they descended from and I got great new information.

I do not make changes at the reunion. Take lots and lots of FGS. Buy a
cheap stamp or print your name and address on the FGS and allow people to
take as many as they want. Some will bring them to next year's reunion,
some will mail them. I make sure my email address is on them, and I get a
lot of information that way as well.

I used to spend the entire reunion trying to get new information. Now I
don't. I take FGS and my business card and give the teenagers cameras, and I
enjoy myself, talking to as many of my cousins as I have time. When I get
home, I get the camera cards and download the pictures the kids have taken
and enter any FGS information I got.

For me, it's more important to spend that one day with my cousins I only see
once a year than to be "at work." If you know what I mean.

Teresa Ghee Elliott
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Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2007 11:17 AM
Subject: [TMG] Family Reunions and TMG - Unknown Names

Sorry, I hit send by mistake on the previous message.
I am attending a family reunion next month and I was wondering what others
had as experiences with TMG on a laptop or a TMG viewer software. I don't
own a laptop, but other people will have one there at the reunion.
What I was wondering about was the interest relatives had in viewing TMG
directly. I don't think I'll have time to use Second Site to make a CD to
show. Also, is there a best way to approach making changes in TMG on the
spot when relatives are usually not correct on their guesses as to family
facts. If I use a laptop computer should I make a copy of my Family project
and exhibits and change the copy, keeping my original untouched by me or
other meaningful relatives?
I will, however, print descendancy charts and individual family group charts
to hand out.
John Lundquist

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