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From: "Ray Rogers" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Performance issue worsens with V7?
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 23:37:04 -0500
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Chris, you should be seeing better performance than with v6, I know that I
am, although not as good as I had hoped for, but I believe that's a
limitation of the VFoxpro that is used. That's another story.

Open Task manager and go to the Processes tab, click on the CPU heading so
that you get the larger numbers at the top. This lets you see which
processes are using the CPU cycles. The beauty of Task Manager is that it
will stay on top of other windows so you can watch it in real time as you
perform operations within TMG.
Check the performance tab also, especially the memory information, 768MB is
not a lot these days.
Depending upon what you find in the way of running processes, you may be
able to shut some services down, or at least stop them from starting


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> Subject: [TMG] Performance issue worsens with V7?
> Hi,
> Ever since buying V6 I've experienced significant delays in taking certain
> actions with TMG - for example selecting a TAG. I had hoped that there
> would be performance improvements with V7 but am finding the opposite.
> For
> example - it takes > 10 seconds from selecting a TAG (e.g. Birth
> Registration) to the window appearing. Now - if I select a location
> within
> that TAG (e.g. L3) then it takes about the same until I can enter the data
> (once the first location field has been populated there is no delay before
> I
> can populate the others).
> I am using XP Pro SP2 on a Dell Latitude D600 Laptop (1.4GHz, 768MB RAM,
> 30GB disk). The disk has about 3GB spare and is regularly defragmented.
> I
> use Adaware, Spybot S&D, TrendMicro "Office Scan". Upgrading the memory
> is
> not an option (It doesn't belong to me).
> I'm using V7. I have about 3,000 people in the project which has eight
> data
> sets. [I understand this to be a very small project.] I have run all the
> TMG maintenance tools.
> I have quite complex Access databases on the PC with millions of records
> on
> dozens of tables, with forms and reports - about 4GB in size - and these
> seem to run significantly quicker.
> Any ideas? Are there any registry settings I need to tweak to improve the
> TMG performance?
> Chris

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