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From: Phil Warn <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] TMG 7 Post Release testing
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 15:39:31 +0000
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At 15:23 30/12/2007, Mayer, Charles wrote:
>This will undoubtedly lead to the quickest, most comprehensive Beta test
>ever conducted by a CPU program vendor.


Since you are talking in the future tense, I am
left wondering about the definition of Beta testing, tghese days.......

It always used to be conducted before a software product was allowed to escape!

Are you saying that TMG 7 was not fully tested by the Beta testers?

As a software professional of 40 years, and with
a quirky sense of humour, I am confident that any
large project will have bugs in it.

Indeed, one school of thought advocates
introducing known bugs into software by the
leader of the testers, and then calculating the
degree of bug removal by the percentage of "known bugs" found!

However, the degree of bugginess is hopefully minimal.

Now, are we seeing a new approach to software testing?.

"You try to remove all the bugs, but let the paying customers find the rest!"

Perhaps we should call this Gamma testing as that is the third Greek letter.

Even Delta testing as delta is used as a fraction
of the whole is algebraic differentiation.

[ Guess who learnt a lot about numerical analysis? ]

I presume Charles had his tongue firmly in his cheek?

I certainly have.

I now wait for SS1 & SS2 to catch up

Kind regards


Phil Warn ô¿ô
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"The Warn family in Tetbury from 1722"

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