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From: "Mayer, Charles" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] TMG 7 Post Release testing
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 20:50:18 +0000

Thanks Phil

You caught me dead cold. I guess I should have changed that to '...,. the most comprehensive Post Release testing.... " The Beta testers did a fine job, at least what see on all these messages. Conceptually Beta testing is the same to me as the later Post Release testing. I Bet you have a bunch of folks testing, then they do a Release and a mucvh bigger bunch of folks do the Post release testing, and that's what we're doing now.

I like to install my programs with CD's rather than downloads. I've ordered my TMG 7 CD, but it isn't here yet, so I don't have first hand knowledge of anything that TMG 7 do or doesn't do.

I know must go and test to see what degree of "bugginess" I have innercranium. I'm about to complete my Omega test, and no idea what to do since I've now consummed the entire Greek Alphabet Soup.

I'd like to make some minor correction to my recent diatribe

The second paragraph, which starts "This may also be a sad comment about the
ubiquitous methods used by companies... " should have been stated "This may
also be a sad comment about the ubiquitous methods used by MANY companies, NOT
INCLUDING WHOLLY GENES,... " (Caps added for clarity here, because Rootweb
wipes HTML attachments from messages).

I was tying to point out that I truly appreciate the free and open discussion on
the TMG list with lots off lively banter. I trust your words that Terry sent me, that TMG 7 is the most bug free genealogy software ever. But so far, I have over 280 TMG 7 messages stored for later reading, so at least some folks are having trouble with something. Of course nothing will ever be even close to perfect, but TMG list forum is by far the best forum I've ever seen to try and fix any diffugilty, and get it fixed promptly. Perhaps my words
"fixed, patched, or worked around" came across too strongly. They were
referring to whatever had been said in those 280, and counting messages.

Similar to Phil, I spent my working life engineering this and that, and I'm absolutely certain that none of thew many things I helped design and test will ever be without flaw, at least not in this life.

And yes, most everything I say, has at least a bit of tongue-in-cheek.


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From: Phil Warn <>
> At 15:23 30/12/2007, Mayer, Charles wrote:
> >This will undoubtedly lead to the quickest, most comprehensive Beta test
> >ever conducted by a CPU program vendor.
> Charles,
> Since you are talking in the future tense, I am
> left wondering about the definition of Beta testing, tghese days.......

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