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From: "Chris" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Performance issue worsens with V7?
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 10:58:36 -0000
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While I can believe it to be a Windows issue (I've no proof to the
contrary), in my case it is not related to networked drives. I have about a
dozen network drives set up and rarely use TMG when connected to them. My
performance degradation seems to have been associated with a disconnected
network printer - but what the root cause is I haven't a clue. I also use
the "off line cache" from Windows XP, but do not store TMG data on the
associated network drive and the performance didn't improve when I disabled
the cache.

I have not noticed any similar degradation in the performance of other
applications when I'm not connected to the default printer.

Personally I suspect Visual FoxPro since TMG is the only application I
perceive the problem with, and TMG is the only application I use with Visual
FoxPro. But then I've never developed using VFP and so my suspicions are
not worth a lot.

I have not looked at whether the performance degrades when the default is a
local printer that is not attached since I do not use local printers and
don't have one I could try with.

This is NOT a complaint against TMG - I'm just trying to help make it even



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Sent: 30 December 2007 22:14
Subject: Re: [TMG] Performance issue worsens with V7?

That is absolutely correct Cheryl, it's not a TMG issue. It is a Windows
Windows is trying to find something it cannot possibly find.
It will do the same thing with networked drives.

Try this at work or home.
Map a network drive, then pull the cat 5 cable out of the back of the PC.
Now try and open My Computer.

It will take a while to open because Windows is trying to find that mapped
It takes it a while to "time out" and give up.

Matthew Goodrich
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Database Compiler and Webmaster
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> Behalf Of Cheryl Freeman
> Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2007 1:07 PM
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> Subject: Re: [TMG] Performance issue worsens with V7?
> Deanna and Chris,
> When I upgraded to a new XP laptop last spring, I encountered this same
> issue: tags and citations took forever to open when my default printer
> was
> a networked one, and the issue did not resolve until I made my default
> printer a .PDF printer. This problem had not occurred for me under XP.
> This has become a non-issue for me now, because 've gotten used to
> changing
> the printer when I want a "hard copy", but it's very real. Jim Byram
> helped
> me troubleshoot but as I recall we both believed this was an issue with
> other applications under Vista, possibly my WiFi client.
> My issue was reported, however, it appears that it's not a TMG issue.
> Cheryl Freeman

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