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From: "Joan Thomas" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Email source template - lumper
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2008 21:32:52 -0700
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Hi Kay,

Thanks for describing your method. It is certainly food for thought. I
think I tend to make things more difficult for myself than necessary. I
appreciate your input.


> My way of giving an email source.
> I am a lumper too but do my emails so differently from the standard
> email source template supplied, mainly because it was a carry through
> from earlier program. Such is the flexibility of TMG.
> Originally I created a source tag for every family by Family Name i.e.
> Letter - Tucker file, Letters - Ryle file
> only two of these familes were broken down to have more than one entry.
> Letter - Hoy UK families and Hoy AUS families
> Letter - Allen James line, Letter Allen Charles line and other
> siblings, prolific breeders.
> 26 Sources in all, nice an lumpy.
> The reason for Letter and not email originated before I had email
> (1995), in the days of the snail mail communication and I admit
> becoming rare today.
> I created a generic source type with no full stop after the title.
> The title "communication by"
> repository The Sturgeon Collection
> maybe a bit hard to follow as I am glossing over quickly.
> the CD for my example is
> email from Ian Clingan 01 Jul 2007 attachment Albert George Harp line
> Communication by email from Ian Clingan 01 Jul 2007 attachment Albert
> George Harp line (Kay Sturgeon, All research Notes, C/-47 Sunset
> Drive, Thabeban, QLD, Australia 4670).
> I was toying with the idea of changing Letter to Communication but in
> the end you dont see it in a printout anyway.
> Now you might say, you dont have an email address for Ian Clingan.
> Reason.
> People keep changing them. So if I send a chart to someone. I look at
> my endnotes and manually type up the most up to date email address I
> have for those mentioned at the end of report. If and when I create a
> book, I will list all my contacts current addresses and emails
> somewhere in it, separately.
> Now on the other hand if I get it from a source with whom I am not in
> constant contact, and may never ever do so again i.e. a rellie of a
> rellie of a rellie, I put his email address in the CD in brackets
> after the contacts name.
> This might be of help to someone, it works for me. I can instantly go
> to my Clingan digital file, locate Ian's folder, and as all emails are
> saved like 2007 Jul 01 at the beginining of the subject it is easily
> located.
> Kay
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