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Subject: Re: [TMG] Citation reference code proposal
Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 17:50:45 EDT

Hi Michael,

That was a very good post, and accurate. I just would like to say that I do
not place my embedded citations after a partial sentence, or even after just
a sentence. I place them *only* at the end of paragraphs, and only in long
memos. Thanks.


In a message dated 5/1/2008 3:24:12 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to be complete and accurate.

Multiple people have proposed changes to TMG so that the *same* citation
footnote/endnote be referenced in the output for a tag multiple times,
such as after the person *and* after the date *and* after the place
*and* after the memo that are covered by that single citation. As I
have been taught, standard publication guidelines advise that is an
incorrect usage of citation references. I may be an old timer, but I
*am* willing to be taught something new. However, it is my
understanding that a single reference note citation is referenced once
and only once in the text, and a given citation reference number appears
once and only once in the text at the end of the _collection_ of
information supported by that citation. If an author wishes to have
separate citation references concerning separate pieces of data in the
text, then I have been taught the author should create separate
citations that only support each piece of data, and then each will have
their unique reference number.

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