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From: "Teresa Elliott" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Citation reference code proposal
Date: Sat, 3 May 2008 11:49:01 -0500
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Which is my point. Citations only print once now because there is only one
place for them to print. If you allow multiple places for them to print, I
don't see why you are only allowing them to print once. You are going to
require me to enter the same source and CD twice if I want it to print
twice, which to me is a waste of good time.

Teresa Ghee Elliott
My genealogy blog

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Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2008 11:24 AM
Subject: Re: [TMG] Citation reference code proposal

On 5/2/2008 Teresa Elliott replied:
> Michael,
> I only disagree with one statement. With surety levels,
> I should be able to enter a citation once and get it
> to print out twice, but since I am not optimist about
> this proposal making it to the table any time soon, I
> am not going to argue the point. It's one of those
> cases where I would find a work around to fit the
> feature if it did get implemented. But you and I not
> agreeing on this one point, shouldn't be that big a deal.

Great, Teresa,
Not sure what you mean by "it" in "get it to print out twice".
Citations only print out once. See my following note for more about
terms. But I guess we can agree to disagree on this one point <grin>.
Especially since the workaround would simply be to duplicate a TMG
citation, which with the new buttons now in V7 is easy to do.

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