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From: "DE Neilley" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Unknowns
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 19:25:26 -0600
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Exactly what I went through. Like you, I might do it differently if I was
going to start all over again (and some days I think it would be easier than
trying to go through and clean things up!)

I can't imagine myself ever changing from TMG now that I have found it.
Nothing else I have used has ever considered me to be smart enough to be
allowed to do things MY WAY instead of THEIR WAY, and to allow my way and
your way and her way and ... all in the same program, and make them all
Doreen Neilley

As I said earlier, I prefer all in one myself. But, I operated like
that long before TMG (in v5) gave me the capability of multiple data
sets in a project, so there is no change for me. If I were starting
out today. I very well might keep "unknowns" and "unrelateds" in a
different data set. The advantage of easily "turning off" those
special persons is nice. On the other hand, I am so used to ignoring
them now that they do not bother me and I "see them" only when I
_need_ to see them.

> Hope this helps -
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