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From: Bob Velke <>
Subject: [TMG] TMG v7.03 is now available!
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 00:15:43 -0400

The following is excerpted from the free Wholly Genes Newsletter
which subscribers should receive within the next 48 hours.
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The Master Genealogist v7.03.0000 is now available. This free update
adds one new feature and fixes a few issues that were brought to our
attention by users.

o NarrativeChildren tag - You can completely suppress the output
of the NarrativeChildren tag by adding a [:NONE:] code to the
NarrativeChildren sentence structure field.

o User account check - The check that prevented the program from
writing to other user accounts has been removed. This eliminates some
problems that occurred when moving projects between different
computers and you can now locate the user data folder in public document space.
o Tag Box - An Open dialog occurred in some circumstances when
double-clicking on a name to navigate to that person.
o Add Person - Some revisions were made to the mechanism of the
relationship between the styles selected for the data set and the
styles used in the Add Person template. You can now see and change
the style used by the selected tag type on the template screen
without needing to open another screen.
o Add Person - A C0000005 error could occur if you viewed the
list of duplicates and closed that screen using <ESC>.
o Tag Entry - When a shared event tag was using a custom role for
both principals and you changed the role of one principal, the local
sentence for the other principal was being reset to default.
o Tag Entry - In some cases, the focus would change when the ID
number for Principal 2 was edited.
o Copy Tag - Some changes were made to the rules that apply for
setting the resulting primary marker when you copy a tag, edit the
tag, and change the principal(s).
o Master Tag Type List - The style for a selected tag type is now
shown on the MTTL screen. Previously, you had to open the Tag Type
Definition screen to see the style selection for a tag type.
o Tag Types - The style was being changed under some
circumstances when a tag type was edited and saved and no change had
been made to the style by the user.
o Source import - In some cases, source import didn't work
correctly when source #1 was not included.
o Journal report - There was a screen resizing issue with Tags
tab under the Options.
o List of Citations - Data wasn't being output correctly for some
output columns when the report was output in columnar format.
o List of Events - The filter for empty local sentences didn't
work for some tags.
o List of People - The primary checkbox for event tags was not
working correctly when the filter was for a place.
o List of Sources - An error could occur when using the
'Repository number = n' filter.
o Restore - A restore issue with the language files has been fixed.
o Exhibit Log - The thumbnails for some external image files
wouldn't display when the image file was present and Preferences was
set to display frowny faces for missing images.
o Exhibit Log - When an image was edited and a highlight layer
was added, the image files being saved were incompatible with many
applications. Changes were made to the image file formats being saved
to resolve this.
o SlideShow - Slideshows were using an out of date component and
wouldn't run on a system that had never had TMG6 installed. Other
fixes were made as well.
o Research Log - An error occurred in some circumstances when
selecting a task and clicking [Edit].
o Repeat files - The program was using the default repeat files
path rather than the path set on the Preferences Advanced tab.
o Timelines - It was difficult to enter data into the year fields
when editing timelines.
o Preferences - The option to determine how new image exhibits
should be added was revised.
o Preferences - Revisions were made for many settings when
resetting the Preferences to default.
o Filters - When the language was not English and the List of
People (for example) was filtered for dates with modifiers, no
results were being returned.
o Optimize - When you disabled thumbnails in Preferences and
optimized the project, the thumbnail images weren't being removed
from the data table.
o Validate File Integrity - If two primary names are found for a
person, the last entered will be set to non-primary.

This free v7.03.0000 update requires a previous installation of
v7.00-v7.02 (Users with a prior version must first upgrade to v7.0).
To download and apply the update, run TMG, access the Help menu and
choose "Check for an update." Alternatively, you can choose "Check
for a Program Update" from the Windows Start menu > The Master
Genealogist group. The update will be applied automatically. Upon
restarting, the startup screen will reflect a version number of "v7.03.0000."

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